Bots: Deployment

Discover how to test and deploy a build of your bot in NLX's Dialog Studio

What is the Deployment tab?

Deploying your bot puts it into production where users can access it through the various communication channels created for it. Deployment provides the tools you need to create a build, test, and go live with your bot.

A Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine must be connected to your workspace before engaging with the Deployment tab. See NLP Engine


Open the bot you wish to edit and select the Deployment tab:

Create a build

Builds are packaged versions of your bot that include all resources associated with your bot in the state they looked like at the time the build was created:

  • Select Review & build

  • Select & ensure NLP engine is correct

  • Specify a region, if needed

  • Click Create build

You may now deploy your build at any time to make it live to users.

Once a build is made, resources (intents, data requests, etc.) can be edited without affecting that particular build. You may also access a previous build to make available to users.

Build status

The build status column indicates whether a build was successful or failed. Only successful builds may be deployed.

Failed build?

Select Details next to the build status to expand information on what caused the failure to address it.


With each new build, a validation check is provided. Detected issues are listed with descriptions and potential solutions:

Deploy a build

For each successful build of your bot, a Deploy option is available to make that build live to users:

  • Click Deploy

  • Click Details on a deployed build to view channel info or delete the deployment

Only one build can be deployed at a time and deploying any build deactivates the previous one. You can freely alternate between newer and older builds using Rollback or Deploy.

Test a build

When a build is successful, you can engage your bot in a test conversation using the Test feature:

  • Chat with your bot by using one of the training phrases included in an attached intent

The Test chat only runs through the latest build of your bot, as each new build updates the NLP engine you've selected. Rollbacks to an earlier build are not reflected in Test simulations.

Delete a deployment

To take your bot offline, you may delete the current deployment:

  • Select Details next to the the deployed build

  • Under Danger zone, click Delete deployment

Until you redeploy, your bot is offline.

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