Intents: Attached slots

Learn to attach slots for use in training phrases or conversation flows in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's the Attached slots tab?

Slots are dynamic values that provide context or parameters to a user's request and are generally fixed or manageable in range. If a user wants to book a stay at your resort, you might create a slot for the ResortReservation intent where the values include the room type (queen, king, deluxe, etc.).

Since slots are used in training data by your NLP, they must be attached to an intent to reference them within training phrases and/or the intent's conversation flow(s).

Need more context? See Slots


To access this feature, click the Attached slots tab of your intent:

Attach a slot

  • Click + Attach new slot

  • Choose a slot:

    • Custom: All slots created within your workspace

    • System: Standard slots available in Dialog Studio. Need more context? Check System slot types

  • Provide a name for the slot to be referenced across the intent

  • Click Save

You might create a slot with Yes/No values that's used repeatedly in a conversation flow. Attach it as often as needed and provide new labels, "RoomSizeConfirmation," "DateConfirmation," "ReservationConfirmation," etc.

Request phrases & Invalid phrases

Expand a slot to access adding Request phrases or Invalid phrases:

For better UX, it's recommended that User choice nodes and fail state messaging with Basic nodes be used to collect preferred slot values rather than employing the Request phrases or Invalid phrases feature.

  • Request phrases: What you'd like your bot to say to prompt the user to provide slot choice (if not using the User choice node in your conversation flow to collect a value)

  • Invalid phrases: What you'd like your bot to say when the user selection is invalid

  • Enter as many variations as you like. Your bot selects from them randomly

Sensitive toggle

There may be cases where a user's selection may reveal personally identifiable information (PII). For user privacy, you can enable the Sensitive setting so user input for this slot is not stored in conversation logs.

By default, the Sensitive toggle is disabled.

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