Flows: Setup

Learn to easily set up flow channels for your intent in NLX's Dialog Studio

What are flow cards?

A flow card indicates one flow of an intent and its accompanying channel(s) for communication. You might create several flow cards for individual channels if the flows need to differ from each other, or one card if the flow can be identical or not too dissimilar in executing the intent's task across multiple channels.


To access flow cards, select an intent from your workspace. Flow cards are displayed above your intent's settings tabs:

Add flow

Begin by clicking on an +Add flow card:

  • Choose communication channel(s) for the flow

  • Click Create flow

Add secondary channel

Selecting secondary channels allows you to manage the same flow for multiple communication channels. Changes made affect all channels tied to the one flow.

If your flow needs to significantly diverge in process or messaging for another channel, consider cloning your flow to manage them separately.

  • Hover over card > select edit icon

  • Add/remove secondary channels to the flow

  • Click Confirm

Clone flow

Cloning allows you to duplicate a flow for another communication channel that must significantly vary its conversation steps. Changes made in one flow do not affect the other.

If your flow will be similar for the new channel, consider adding a secondary channel to your flow instead of cloning. You may use a Split node to make minor changes within a flow and divert based on channel.

  • Click +Add flow card

  • Choose communication channels for new flow

  • Enable Clone from

  • Choose existing flow in your workspace, ideally from within the current intent

  • Click Create flow

Translate flow

Easily translate all messaging of your conversation flow using the translate flow tool:

  • Hover over card > select globe icon

  • Translation process for attached languages will initiate

Want to add and translate more languages to your flow? Add them through the Languages tab of your intent or through the Translations menu of your workspace.

If either applying more languages through the Translations menu to all workspace resources or adding languages to your intent at a later time, be sure to duplicate the steps above to translate your flow to the new languages.

Delete flow

  • Hover over card > select delete icon

  • Confirm deletion by typing name of the flow

  • Click Delete

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