Canvas analytics

Quickly analyze usage of your intent's conversation flow in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's Canvas analytics?

While in the Canvas of an intent flow, you can inspect the number of unique user conversations that have hit each node in a deployed bot. This becomes useful to identify the pathways taken with a particular intent and assess the efficacy or potential gaps of a flow.


To access this feature, select your intent flow and click the Analyze tab to swap modes:


Tagging nodes using either built-in tags or custom ones added to your workspace allows you to filter your conversation while in Analyze mode.

Dialog Studio's system tags can be used to tag any node in your conversation flow and does not automatically determine what is automated, helpful, or not helpful.

  • Automated

  • Helpful

  • Not helpful

  • + add custom tags using Analytics tags in your workspace Settings

Looking to assign tags to nodes in your intent flow? See Configure a node.

Any number of tags may be added to the same node, but it is recommended that you use only one tag per node to avoid double counting.


Be sure to deploy a build using the flow you want to analyze before engaging with this mode.

When analyzing, your flow presents a number indicator on every node, corresponding to the total unique counts the node was hit by users:

You may further refine your analysis view with these available filters:

  • Bot: Specify the bot in cases where your intent flow is attached to multiple bots

  • Conversation ID: View a particular conversation's path with a user

  • Start time: Apply the beginning of a date range

  • End time: Apply the end of a date range

  • Tag: Select a tag from your workspace if assigned to any nodes in the flow

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