Notification center

Review notifications and setup alert subscriptions in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's the Notification center?

Notification center provides a feed of recent alerts from Analytics dashboards created in the workspace. It also allows you to manage email subscriptions of alerts, see what alerts have been created in the workspace, and define clustering alerts.

Looking to set up your own alert? See Analytics dashboards


Alert details

Alerts that appear in the Notification center display the following:

  • Name of analytics metric & summary of the event

  • Date + time of the alert

  • Mark as read: Dismisses the alert from appearing in your notification feed

  • View chart: Directly navigates to the dashboard panel containing the alert for advanced details

Managing alerts

For managing notifications in the workspace, tap the Notification manager at the bottom of your feed:

Provides a table of recent notifications and allows for bulk actions, including Delete or Mark all as read.

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