Identify and quickly train unrecognized user inputs to intents in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's Training?

Training lists all user utterances, whether spoken or written, that your deployed bots were unable to identify. Training allows you to match unknown phrases to the appropriate intent, refine existing training phrases to better adapt to user language, or to identify possible actions or intent flows your uses require.


Unknown messages

The Unknown tab lists all utterances or inputs from users that were unrecognized by the bot (NLP) and were unable to match to an intent with confidence.

Unknown messages are organized by the following:

  • Text: The user input or utterance

  • Sent: Date the input or utterance was made

  • Confidence score: Displays the confidence level of the NLP in matching the intent. Need to adjust your confidence score settings? See Manage bot settings

  • Intent: The intent that was matched based on the confidence score

  • Trained intent: Displays the intent the input was trained to

Unknown messages remain in the list, even if training has occurred. Trained messages appear with information under the Trained intent column.


You may use any filter to narrow the results by Bot, Intent, Region, Language, Start & End times, Channel, exact text (Search), and/or Confidence score. Results automatically update as filters are applied.

Training an intent

You may easily add an unknown user input as a training phrase to an intent to better train the NLP.

  • Select Training from workspace menu > click the checkbox to the right of the message you wish to train

  • Choose Train intent link. You can select as many items as you'd like, but they must all be added to the same intent, as only one intent's training data may be improved at a time

  • Select an intent from the dropdown

  • Select/deselect language(s) associated with the chosen intent

  • Enter any phrase adjustments to alter the inputs (messages will otherwise be added to an intent's list of Training phrase as they appear)

  • Click Confirm

Trained messages appear with information under the Trained intent column and as part of an intent's Training phrases.

Be sure to create a new build and re-deploy your bot to experience any changes.

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