How to: Restore version

Learn to restore a version of a resource in NLX's Dialog Studio

What are resources?

Resources are the individual components that work in harmony to create the AI conversations you'll construct in Dialog Studio:

  • Bots

  • Intents

  • Slots

  • Data requests

  • Actions

  • Lifecycle hooks

The pantheon of Dialog Studio resources often get their own place in your workspace menu.

Looking specifically to restore an intent flow? Check out how on the Canvas builder.

View/restore a version

  • Click the Versions tab of your resource's edit page > choose a timestamped version to preview

  • Select Restore version to make it the latest instance, or select Current [resource] version above the name to go back

If you choose to restore or edit/restore, a new version is created, so no need to worry about overwriting an older version. You may always go back and re-restore any version if you break something with subsequent edits.


  • Version control: Supplements any maintenance process set up to maintain your flow by eliminating the need to save versions of resources externally

  • Traceability: Provides evidence of all revisions and changes made over time to better identify the development of the resources through its various stages.

  • Error reduction: Reduces the potential for duplication and errors when multiple users are working across the same flows


Versioning only applies to the master language of the resource. As translations can be edited independently of the resource type, they will not be retained when you restore a previous version of a resource and would need to be re-translated from the new working copy of your master language resource.

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