How to: Tag

Learn how to assign a tag to a resource in NLX's Dialog Studio

What are resources?

Resources are the individual components that work in harmony to create the AI conversations you'll construct in Dialog Studio:

  • Bots

  • Intents

  • Slots

  • Data requests

  • Actions

  • Lifecycle hooks

The pantheon of Dialog Studio resources often get their own place in your workspace menu.

Tag a resource

Easily assign a keyword or term to any resource in your workspace:

  • Select resource type from workspace menu

  • Choose specific resource

  • Navigate to the resource's Settings tab

  • Locate Tags section > type and enter new tag or select from existing in the workspace

  • Click Save


Remove a tag: Select the remove icon located beside the tag while on the resource's Settings tab. If a tag is removed from all usage in the workspace, it will no longer appear in the dropdown for selection until it's re-entered and added to a resource.

For better visual distinction and organization, color code your resource tags by going to Resource tags in workspace Settings.

Search using tags

Conveniently perform a global search throughout the workspace for items matching tags:

  • Select global Search in workspace menu

  • Type tag in search field of modal

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