How to: Test

Easily run a test on external webhook integrations or conversation flows in NLX's Dialog Studio

What are resources?

Resources are the individual components that work in harmony to create the AI conversations you'll construct in Dialog Studio:

  • Bots

  • Intents

  • Slots

  • Data requests

  • Actions

  • Lifecycle hooks

The pantheon of Dialog Studio resources often get their own place in your workspace menu.

Your selected NLP goes to work whenever testing a conversation flow. Therefore, create a build before using the Test feature with Bots or Intents.

Test a bot

Run through an entire conversation with your bot using the bot's Test option:

  • Attach all intents for testing to your bot

  • Configure default behaviors, if needed

  • Select Test to open chat widget and converse with your bot

Test an intent flow

To run through a specific intent's conversation, ensure you create a build through a bot first:

  • Attach intent to a bot

  • Go to bot's Deployment tab

  • Review & build > Click Create a build

  • Navigate back to intent > select flow

  • Click Test option on the canvas builder

Test a data request, action, or lifecycle hook

  • Choose resource > Select Test option in upper right of resource's page

  • Click Run test at bottom of panel

Toggle on Dynamic setting under applicable Headers to test Dynamic headers in your test widget.

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