Google Vertex AI

Quickly set up Google's Vertex AI LLM into your NLX Dialog Studio workspace

Integrate Google Vertex AI

To integrate with Google's Vertex AI LLM service, begin by selecting Settings from your workspace menu:

  • Select the Integrations tab

  • Click + Add integration

  • Provide a name for the integration

  • Choose Google Vertex AI from the Type dropdown

  • Copy the Google Project ID from your Google Cloud Console > Enter into the Project ID field in Dialog Studio

  • Click Authorize Google Vertex AI

  • Select the account for logging in to your Google Cloud Console

  • A confirmation popup will appear asking to allow to access your Google Account > click Allow

Back in Dialog Studio, successful integration is noted with a Google Vertex AI status of Live.

At any time, you may edit or delete your Google Vertex AI integration by expanding the integration name and selecting the edit or delete links.

Using Google's Vertex AI

To successfully use your Vertex AI integration with conversations created in your workspace, be sure to complete the following:

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