Settings: Modalities

Manage and set up advanced payloads with Modalities in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's the Modalities tab?

Modalities operate similarly to Node payloads by returning data back to a user beyond a standard bot message.

While a Node payload delivers a simpler data structure (a single data type), the payload of a Modality may consist of multiple nested data types. Modalities are also defined globally in the workspace, making them reusable across flows and nodes (e.g., a carousel modality used for selecting a resort in one intent flow may be re-used for selecting a room type in another).

Common modality uses:

  • Defined for communication channels with a visual interface (e.g., TV) where displaying richer UI components with a message is needed (e.g. cards, video player)

  • Communicates metadata to a channel for proper rendering (e.g., an API channel interprets what information to display in a carousel from the payload schema of a carousel modality)

Modalities in your workspace Settings is where you'll define a modality and its payload structure for use in the workspace.


Select Settings from your workspace menu and choose the Modalities tab:

Add a modality

Begin by selecting + Add modality from the Modalities tab:

  • Enter a name

  • Expand Schema section and input Schema type or choose <>Auto-generate schema

  • Click Create modality button


  • <> Auto-generate schema: Easily generate your data structure based on sample json

  • Sensitive setting: Enable to redact modalities activity from conversation event logs

  • Description: Add an optional summary or description of the modalities purpose

Need to edit or delete a modality?

After creating your modality, you may expand its details and select Edit or Delete modality at any time.

Use a modality

Once a modality has been created, you may enable its use easily in any intent flow:

  • Select an intent flow > Choose or place a node on the Canvas

  • Choose Modalities from the Add functionality menu of the node's side panel

  • Ensure the correct modality's tab (if more than one appears) is selected

  • Toggle on Enable

  • Enter payload details or assign dynamic sources into applicable fields > Click Save

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