Settings: Parameter store

Manage and set up sensitive parameters for added security and efficiency in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's the Parameter store tab?

Parameters allow for the secure management and configuration of sensitive values when referencing them within a Data request, Action, or Lifecycle hook. They can also be used to provide workspace efficiency when needing dynamic placeholders for commonly typed values, such as URL strings. Parameter store may involve static or dynamic values, including API keys, tokens, passwords, or URLs.


Select Settings from the side navigation of your workspace and choose the Parameter store tab:

Only Administrator and Developer roles may set up parameters in a workspace.

Add a parameter

Begin by selecting Add parameter from the Parameter store tab:

  • Enter a name and parameter's value

  • Add an optional description

  • Keep Sensitive setting enabled (default) or disable. The sensitive setting turns the parameter's value to asterisks and redacts it from our logs

  • Click Create parameter

Need to edit a parameter?

After creating your parameter, you may expand its details and Edit parameter at any time. Only changes to its value, description, and sensitive setting are allowed. Sensitive asterisks are retained if previous sensitivity setting was enabled.

Use a parameter

Once a parameter has been created, you may reference it easily when managing Data requests, Actions, or Lifecycle hooks:

  • Create new or select an existing data request, action, or lifecycle hook

  • Under the resource's external tab of Implementation, reference your parameter in the URL field or in the value field under Headers

Select from available parameters by entering an open curly brace { in the text field

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