Bots: Automated tests

Set up and test training phrases associated with your bot using Automated tests in NLX's Dialog Studio

A build of your bot is required before the Automated tests feature may be used. See Deployment.

What is the Automated tests tab?

When a bot is made, you may attach as many intents to fulfill your bot's purpose. However, the NLP's job of determining which intent to route the user to then becomes harder. Automated tests allows you run quality assurance tests for determining and managing the effectiveness of training phrases associated with your bot.


Open the bot you wish to create a test with and select its Automated tests tab:

Create a test

Check the efficacy of training phrases associated with your bot by first creating a test:

  • Click Create test

  • Enter a test name

  • Select +Add test

  • Enter phrase(s) to be tested or modify after using the Generate feature

  • Specify intent and language

  • Select Save

Simplify the process of entering your existing training phrases with the Generate feature.

Execute a test

Easily run your test and review its results under Test executions of your chosen automated test:

Failed phrases display the expected intent to be matched alongside the actual matched intent:


Manage custom settings for all tests created and executed for your bot:

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