Bots: Intents

Manage the list of intents your bot performs in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's the Intents tab?

At the very basic level, a bot is a collection of intents, which are organized tasks the bot performs for a user through a conversation flow (e.g., RoomService, SpaBooking). You can decide which intents are going to be handled by your bot by attaching them through the Intents tab.

Need more context? See Intents


To view, add, or modify intents attached to your bot, open the bot you wish to edit and select the Intents tab:

Add an intent

Giving a bot the functions of an intent can be done by adding to the bot's Intents tab:

Selecting the name of an intent immediately takes you to that intent's page.

Remove an intent

Simply select the delete icon to detach it from your bot:

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