Bots: Lifecycle

Manage the lifecycle hooks your bot triggers in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's the Lifecycle tab?

A bot's Lifecycle tab allows you to choose any Lifecycle hook created within your workspace that enables your bot to retrieve and use content from external resources or trigger an external operation during specific points within the bot's conversation flow: conversation start, end, and escalation.

Need more context? See Lifecycle hooks


Open the bot you wish to edit and select the Lifecycle tab:

Lifecycle types

For each of the lifecycles you can set up in a bot conversation, a dropdown is provided to choose from the lifecycle hooks created for your workspace:

  • Conversation start: triggers a hook when a conversation session starts with a bot

  • Conversation end: triggers a hook when a conversation session ends/times out with a bot

  • Escalation: triggers a hook when an Escalate node is hit and the agent escalation transfer initiates

  • State modification: triggers a hook when a node is hit that includes State modifications applied to one or more Data requests where the Stream state modification setting is also enabled

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