Bots: Channels

Easily set up channels of communication for your bot in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's the Channels tab?

Channels are the modes through which users and bots converse, and they come in a variety of formats: Slack for the employees of certain industries, SMS for low-connectivity areas, Alexa for convenient voice-driven experiences. Dialog Studio supports all of these channels and more.

Some channels require a one-time integration at the workspace level (e.g., Amazon Connect) for a bot to be functional.

Need more context? See Integrations.


Open the bot you wish to edit and select the Channels tab. You'll then find a list of every channel available:

Create a bot channel

Simply expand a channel from the available list under the bot's Channels tab and choose Create channel:

Most channels have the following fields:

  1. Channel name: Defaults to the chosen channel type but you may overwrite with a custom name

  2. Integration: For channels requiring a one-time workspace integration, select from applicable integration(s) created. If none are listed, a workspace integration for the channel type must be created first

  3. Custom conversation timeout: Customize the timeout period (in minutes) for a conversation session to end on the selected channel

  4. Escalation: If any escalation channel integrations have been created in your workspace, they will be listed here for selection

Remaining fields are specific to the channel type selected.

Delete a bot channel

Select Channels on the bot's page, then expand a channel's details to locate the Delete channel option:

Available channels

APIAlexaAmazon Chime SDKAmazon ConnectAmazon PinpointGenesysMessengerMicrosoft TeamsSlackSMS via BandwidthTwilio SMSTwilio VoiceWhatsApp via Twilio

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