Amazon Chime SDK

Learn to set up an Amazon Chime SDK communication channel for your bot in NLX's Dialog Studio

The Amazon Chime SDK channel requires a one-time integration in your workspace before a channel can be created for your bot.

Create Amazon Chime SDK channel

Easily create an Amazon Chime SDK channel for your bot under the Channels tab:

  • Expand Amazon Chime SDK option

  • Select + Create channel

  • Choose your Amazon Chime SDK workspace integration from the dropdown field

  • Click Create channel

For voice-enabled conversations using Amazon Chime SDK, include the phone number under the Voice settings by language section.

Optional Amazon Chime SDK fields

The following fields are optional to the Amazon Chime SDK channel:

  • Region: Deploy your AWS resources in a desired region

  • Fulfillment Lambda ARN: The AWS Lambda function used for fulfilling Amazon Chime SDK

  • Voice settings by language: Enter an Amazon Chime SDK phone number by adding the language code + phone number combination

  • Default escalation phone number: Allows you to override a transfer number in an Escalation node payload

Need context on the other fields? See Bots: Channels

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