Twilio Voice

Learn to set up a Twilio Voice communication channel for your bot in NLX's Dialog Studio

The Twilio Voice channel requires a one-time integration in your workspace before a channel can be created for your bot.

Create a Twilio Voice channel

Easily create a Twilio Voice channel for your bot under the Channels tab:

  • Expand Twilio Voice option

  • Click + Create channel link

  • Choose your Twilio workspace integration from the dropdown field

  • Enter Phone number

  • Select Create channel button

There is also an optional field to add the Twilio Fulfillment Lambda endpoint. This field lets you override the Fulfillment Lambda that you can set in the Twilio integration and is needed to deploy a bot that can escalate to Twilio Voice. This is pulled from the channel if it is there, otherwise, it is pulled from the integration. Setting it in either of these is required to deploy a Voice bot. If neither is set, then the deployment will fail.

When you build and deploy your bot in Dialog Studio, since you already set up your one-time integration at the workspace level, this will ensure that Twilio routes traffic from the assigned phone number to your deployed bot. Currently, only US numbers are supported.

Due to your one-time integration at the workspace level, whenever your bot is deployed in Dialog Studio, a default flow will be automatically created in your Twilio Studio account. This Twilio studio flow will be created for every bot you deploy. The deployment will create the initial default flow; however, if you wish to make any further customizations, you will have to make those changes in both Dialog Studio and Twilio Studio flows.

Once you have set up your Twilio Voice channel in Dialog Studio for your bot, your next step is to go ahead and start setting up your conversational flow.

Twilio Flex agent escalation

Agent escalation is not managed within Dialog Studio. In order to set up agent escalation, you will customize this in your Twilio Studio account. The customization for agent escalation to Flex can be controlled by the "Send to Flex" widget that can be found in each Twilio Studio Flow that is automatically created during bot deployment. The studio bot will send the appropriate action to Twilio and it will respond accordingly.

Phone number setup

The provisioning of a phone number within the following is not automatically done to allow for more flexibility when assigning one. As a result, the phone number is required to be assigned for your flow within your Twilio account. As a reminder, each flow is tied to one phone number, but you can provision multiple phone numbers for a single Twilio workspace. To assign a number, you need to:

  1. Go to the Phone Numbers section in your Twilio account

  2. Click on Manage -> Active Numbers

3. Go to the details for one of your Active Numbers, and in the Voice & Fax section, manually set the incoming call configuration to Studio Flow and assign the flow that was auto-created for that bot

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