WhatsApp via Twilio

Learn to set up a WhatsApp via Twilio communication channel for your bot in NLX's Dialog Studio

The WhatsApp via Twilio channel requires a one-time Twilio integration at the workspace level before it can be deployed at the bot level.

Create a WhatsApp via Twilio channel

Easily create a WhatsApp channel for your bot under the Channels tab:

  • Expand WhatsApp via Twilio option

  • Click + Create channel link

  • Choose your Twilio workspace integration from the dropdown field

  • Enter Phone number

  • Select Create channel button

Phone Number is unique to the WhatsApp via Twilio channel and will need to be copied over from Twilio manually. When you build and deploy your bot, Dialog Studio ensures that Twilio routes traffic from the assigned phone number to your deployed bot.

Need context on the other fields? See Bots: Channels

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