Learn to set up an Alexa communication channel for your bot in NLX's Dialog Studio

The Alexa channel requires a one-time integration in your workspace before a channel can be created for your bot.

Create Alexa channel

Easily create an AIexa channel for your bot under the Channels tab:

  • Expand Alexa option

  • Click + Create channel

  • Choose your Alexa workspace integration from the Integration dropdown

  • Select Create channel

When you build custom Alexa skills, you can invoke them by saying “Alexa open [My Custom App Name].” [My Custom App Name] = Skill invocation name.

Optional Alexa field

One optional field is unique to the Alexa channel:

  • Application ID: Used to enter the Skill IF found in your Alexa developer console

Need context on the other fields? See Bots: Channels

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