Amazon Connect

Learn to set up an Amazon Connect communication channel for your bot in NLX's Dialog Studio

The Amazon Connect channel requires a one-time integration in your workspace before a channel can be created for your bot.

Create Amazon Connect channel

Easily create an Amazon connect channel for your bot under the Channels tab:

  • Expand Amazon Connect option

  • Select + Create channel link

  • Choose your Amazon Connect workspace integration from the Integration dropdown

  • Click Create channel button

Optional Amazon Connect fields

Need context on the other fields? See Bots: Channels

Auto-update contact flow

Amazon Connect requires a separate Contact Flow be created for each bot using the Connect channel. Once your bot is built, make sure that Amazon Connect conversation flows exist for any attached intents.

NLX can automatically manage updates in the Amazon Connect contact flow when the bot implementation requires it.

  • When adding the Amazon Connect channel under the Channels tab, enable the Auto-update contact flow option

Set the Amazon Connect instance ID to the unique ID for your Amazon Connect instance. This ID can be found in your AWS console under the Amazon Connect service on the Overview tab of your connect instance. The ID is the highlighted portion of the ARN:

  1. Slide the Auto Update toggle on

  2. Set the Amazon Connect instance ID and Amazon Connect Contact Flow Id property on the channel configuration.

The ARN format is a unique identifier used by Amazon. The format of the ARN for contact flows is as follows:


Configuring Amazon Connect to use your Bot

  1. Log in to your AWS account and go to the Amazon Connect dashboard

  2. Select your instance, then choose Contact flows from the Overview menu.

  3. From the Bot dropdown, select your bot's name followed by an _AmazonConnect suffix (e.g., MyBot_AmazonConnect)

  4. Under the AWS Lambda section, use the Lambda Functions dropdown to select the AWS Lambda Function created by your Dialog Studio integration

Import contact flow into Amazon Connect

Note that the steps for importing your bot's contact flow into Amazon Connect need to be repeated if you add or remove intents to your bot.

  1. Within Dialog Studio, go to your bot's Deployment tab. Under Builds, click the Details link for your deployment

  2. Expand Amazon Connect under Setup instructions and click Download contact flow

  3. A JSON file will be downloaded to your computer

  4. Log in to your Amazon Connect instance and select Contact flows from the menu. Then click the Create contact flow button

Note: The Login URL for an instance can be found on its Overview page accessed via the Amazon Connect dashboard

  1. Under the new contact flow, click the down arrow to the right of Save and select Import flow (beta)

  2. Click the Select button to locate the JSON template downloaded to your computer. Select Import

  3. The JSON file is imported into your Amazon Connect instance, and the contact flow may look something like this:

Assign a phone number

  • Open the Channels menu in Amazon Connect and choose Phone numbers

  • Click Claim a Phone Number > select a Toll-free or Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number

  • Assign the phone number to the Contact Flow created

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