Learn to set up a Genesys communication channel for your bot in NLX's Dialog Studio

The Genesys channel requires a one-time integration in your workspace before a channel can be created for your bot.

Create Genesys channel

Easily create a Genesys channel for your bot under the Channels tab:

  • Expand Genesys option

  • Select + Create channel link

  • Choose your Genesys workspace integration from the dropdown field

  • Click Create channel button

Optional Genesys fields

The following field is optional to the Genesys channel:

  • API key

Need context on the other fields? See Bots: Channels

Post deployment

Once your bot is deployed, there are a few things you'll need to set up within your Genesys instance:

  1. When you enter your Genesys Instance, go to Admin > Architect

  2. Click on Inbound Call Flow

  1. Fill out the necessary fields. Then, click Create Flow

  2. Once you are in the Call Flow, click on Reusable Tasks in the left pane

  3. Click on the Add action here button. Then, click on Toolbox -> Call Lex V2 Bot

  1. Select the bot name from the dropdown. If deployed correctly, the Bot Alias dropdown should have Genesys

  2. For the Initial Intent Name field, select the Intent you want to trigger initially

  3. For the outputs section, enter nlx_action for the Key Name 1 field and Flow.nlx_action for the Variable to Assign 1 field. Overall, Call Lex V2 Bot configuration should look like this:

9. You can act on the Flow.nlx_action to make the decision to escalate to a human agent. In order to achieve that, set the following parameters:

After your setup is complete, the overall flow should look something like this within your Genesys console:

Need more context? See official Genesys documentation.

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