FAQ: Bots

Frequently asked questions related to NLX's Dialog Studio Bots


Does a Dialog Studio bot use a built-in NLP or LLM?

There’s no built-in NLP or LLM in Dialog Studio, but we do currently support instant integration with NLPs such as Amazon Lex and Google's Dialogflow, as well as expose endpoints for seamless integration with others. Current off-the-shelf LLMs include Cohere, Anthropic, and OpenAI.

While Dialog Studio's NLU is proprietary, you'll be able to choose your desired NLP or LLM based on your class of business, security requirements, cloud vendor preference, etc.

Can I design and test bot conversations before selecting an NLP integration?

Designing a conversation flow and setting up resources to be used within a flow may be done without an NLP in your workspace. However, to test conversation flows, an NLP must be integrated, as each build and deployment tests how the NLP processes and understands a user.

Bot build

What is required to create a build and deploy my bot?

At a minimum, an NLP must be integrated at the workspace level, one intent must be attached to your bot, and at least one communication channel matching the intent(s) attached must be created for your bot.

My build failed. What do I do?

Dialog Studio runs through all conversation flows of your bot to confirm it will work properly before you deploy it to the world. For a failed build, select the Details link beside the failed build status to view a report of detected errors to address.

Live status

How do I publish my bot and make it live to users?

Once you create a build that is successful (indicated by a green Built status), you may click the Deploy button in the production column of the Deployment tab. This will officially deploy your bot to be available to users.

How do I take a bot offline?

Select the Details link that appears beside the current deployment. From there, locate the Delete deployment option found at the bottom of the pop-up. This will take the bot out of a deployed state. You may re-deploy the same build or create a new build and deploy to make your bot available again.

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