Review a complete event log using the Audit feature in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's Audit?

The Audit page provides a complete record of the write/delete events that have occurred within Dialog Studio. Having a record of this activity can assist in detecting security violations, performance problems, flaws in applications, and more.


To access the Audit page, click on your username at the bottom of your workspace menu and select Audit from the profile options.

Audit details

The Audit page lists the following information:

  • Event: A brief description of the event change in the workspace

  • Event source: Source reporting the change

  • Event type: Whether the event was a Write or Delete action

  • Time + User: Logged time of the event and the user (hover over initial to view user's email)

Apply filters for Start and End times, Principal email, Event type, and Event name to further narrow your search.

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