Add + connect nodes

Easily apply and connect nodes to build out conversation paths in NLX's Dialog Studio

What are nodes?

Each intent's flow consists of nodes linked together. Each node has its own function, such as routing a user, pulling information to relay to them, or providing choices for them to select.

Easily pick a node to drop on to your Canvas using the toolbar or shortcut menu.

Add node

  • Choose Add option in toolbar or right-click to use New node in shortcut menu

  • Select node type to apply to your canvas

Delete node

  • Select/right-click on a node(s)

  • Choose Delete in shortcut menu

Connect nodes

The first node added to your canvas will always be connected to the Start node.

Nodes are linked together via their connectors (dots). Every node has one or more connector for each possible path the flow might take.

  • Click and drag from a node's connector

  • Drag line to recipient node

  • Connected line turns blue and shows directional flow. Dashed lines simply indicate recipient node is arranged behind or in line with the origin node. Moving a recipient node in front turns connector lines solid

Disconnect nodes

  • Line connectors: click the line between two nodes

  • Stacking: Drag a node away from its stack > click the line between

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