Bonus: Stay organized

Discover tools for keeping your conversation flow organized in NLX's Dialog Studio

Rename nodes

Each node added to your canvas defaults its name to its node type, but replacing the default with a new label can make your flow more understandable and better identify it in analytics or searches.

  • Select node > click within the Name field at the top of the side panel

  • Enter new name

  • Click Save

Recolor nodes

Color labels for nodes allow you to quickly distinguish between types on the Canvas, especially if renaming nodes has occurred. Easily scan to locate nodes based on the color labeling system adopted:

  • Right-click a node to bring up the node shortcut menu

  • Select Change color > choose color

  • Click Save

Use Note nodes

Note nodes allow for freeform text to be added anywhere to the Canvas, granting you the means to include design thoughts, instructions or directions, or even explanations and labels:

  • Select Add in the toolbar or right-click to bring up the Canvas shortcut menu

  • Choose New node > Note

  • Enter note message and optional title

  • Click Save

Apply Magic layout

Magic layout is an option in your toolbar that evenly displays your flow structure to visually de-clutter and keep your flow (and mind) balanced:

  • Select Magic layout in the toolbar

  • Click Save

You may use the Undo option in your toolbar if you wish to immediately remove the effects of Magic layout.

Create Pages

Creating pages of one flow allows you to break up large conversation flows, enabling you to work in smaller sections. Pages are especially helpful when a certain part of the flow is repeated throughout the conversation. Instead of recreating this section over and over, you can add its steps to a separate page and redirect to it often.

  • Select Pages in the toolbar > choose +Add new page

  • Rename page

  • Build out new branch of flow or copy and paste node structures from elsewhere

  • Add Redirect node to original flow

  • Select Page in the Redirect node's side panel > choose newly-created page

  • Click Save

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