Flows: Test mode

Quickly run tests on your intent's conversation flow in NLX's Dialog Studio

What is Test mode?

Test mode on an intent flow allows you to isolate a bot's conversation to that specific intent. You can easily debug or test different translations belonging to your intent's flow.


To access this feature, select your intent flow and click the Test tab to swap modes:


Be sure to deploy a build using the flow you want to test before engaging with this mode.

Begin chatting with your bot by entering text into the available Test chat widget.

The debug icon expands the following:

  • Customize data: If you have used context attributes in your messages, you can use the Customize data section to enter values into the corresponding fields to test your flow. For example, you may want to greet users with their name, so you might insert the attribute placeholder for this into a welcome message. To test, enter data in the Customize data panel (in this case, enter the "context.userFirstName"... we'll say it's Jane) and click on Confirm and reset chat at the bottom of the section to view the results.

  • Event details: To view details for a particular message, click the message within the test chat. Click the expand caret on any item to view the details.

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