Intents: Languages

Manage translations of utterances (training phrases) with your intent in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's the Languages tab?

Languages manages the translations of all training phrases belonging to an intent and applies languages that the your intent's flow(s) will support.

Ensure your intents have been translated to match the language(s) your bot ultimately needs to support.


To access this feature, click the Languages tab of your intent:

Adding languages

  • Select Languages tab of your intent

  • Click +Add new language > choose language(s) from dropdown

  • To remove a language from the list, click the remove icon beside it

  • Click Save

Managing a translation

Translations managed through the Languages tab of your intent only apply to the intent's training phrases. If looking to translate one or more flows belonging to your intent using the languages you've attached, follow instructions here.

When new languages are added at the workspace level via Translations, they may be applied globally to your resources in Dialog Studio. However, you may add/remove languages at the intent level to override your workspace's language settings.

  • Select Manage translations next to supported language

  • Choose Auto-translate all > Confirm

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