Intents: Versions

View or restore a version of an intent in your NLX Dialog Studio workspace

What's the Versions tab?

Versions provides an audit trail for viewing a chronological record of each version of an intent (details and setup configured while on its edit page) along with who made the change(s) as well as an opportunity to restore a previous version saved.

Looking specifically to restore an intent flow? Check out how on the Canvas builder.


To access this feature, click the Versions tab of your intent:

View/restore versions

  • Select Versions > Choose a version to preview

  • Select Restore version to make it the latest instance, or select Current [resource] version above the name to go back

If you choose to restore or edit/restore, a new version is created, so no need to worry about overwriting an older version. You may always go back and re-restore any version if you break something with subsequent edits.

Need more context? See How to: Restore version

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