FAQ: Intents

Frequently asked questions related to NLX's Dialog Studio Intents


How do I translate the messaging of my intent flow and not just training phrases?

As languages are attached to your intent through its Languages tab, you'll notice you have the option to manage translations (manual or auto). This translation process, however, only applies to any training phrases belonging to your intent. To translate messaging in one or more flows of your intent, hover over the flow card and select the globe icon. From this menu, you'll be able to initiate translating your flow to each supporting language of your intent.

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Why can't I rename my intent?

Intents are resources that may be attached to several bots in a workspace and can break or disrupt channels of communication if renamed. Instead, you may clone your intent to provide a new name, if needed.

Why do I need to give an attached slot a name?

Whether custom or native, Slots are available for use across any intent flow once attached, and they can be attached multiple times to the same intent (e.g., an NLX.Country slot attached twice for a step that collects an international departure location and another for an arrival location). Because of this, the name used when a slot was made may not always make sense for the intended use in the flow or provide much distinction on its purpose. Therefore, the name you give your slot is the name that will appear when referencing it in your flow.

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