Learn to apply multiple datasets to the same dashboard panel in NLX's Dialog Studio

Why use multi-metrics?

Analytics can support multiple datasets within the same panel, allowing you to compare different metrics against each other in the same chart without the need to create individual charts for each metric. For example, you may want to compare the performance of different intents against each other over the same period of time.

Multi-metrics are currently only supported for Bar charts, Line charts, and Tables.

Apply multi-metrics

As an example, let's compare the number of actions invoked versus the number of data requests invoked in a single Line chart:

  • Select an existing Analytics dashboard or + Add new. If choosing an existing dashboard, hover beside the dashboard name to select the edit option

  • Select + Add panel > Hover over panel > Click the edit icon

  • Enter a name & description of the panel

  • Select Line chart for Chart type

  • Click + Add dataset link > Enter name (in this example, we'll name it Actions)

    • Select the metric for the data to be measured, which in this case is Actions invoked

    • Select the time interval of how the data will be displayed in the line chart. Day will show the results on a daily basis

    • Select the sum aggregation to get the total counts of actions invoked

    • Select respective filters to create any subset of data

  • Click + Add dataset > Enter name (in this example, we'll name it Data requests)

    • Repeat steps above as done for the Actions dataset, except select the metric Data requests invoked

  • When done, click Save

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