Introduction to Lifecycle hooks

Trigger general actions at the start, end, or escalation point of a conversation in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's a Lifecycle hook?

Lifecycle hooks act in a very similar way to Actions in that they enable you to define an external operation that's triggered during a conversational flow. There are, however, a few major differences between them:

  • Lifecycle hooks are only executed during specific points in a conversation: at the start of a conversation, at an escalation point within the conversation, at the end of a conversation, or to stream state modifications made to Data requests. Actions, on the other hand, allow you to be granular about when and where to deploy, but if Actions were used to modify a Data request, their call must be resolved before the NLU can proceed with the conversation

  • Lifecycles are attached to a bot rather than referenced in an intent flow, which is why you don't usually encounter them when building in the Canvas

Need more context? See Bots: Lifecycle


A lifecycle hook must always employ the following to function:

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