Roles & permissions

Discover built-in user roles and permissions or create a custom role in NLX's Dialog Studio

Permission operations

Access to resources in workspaces is defined by three operations:

  • Write: Create, update, or clone a resource

  • Read: View a resource

  • Delete: Remove a resource

You may also add conditional statements to these operations using custom roles.

Built-in roles

Each workspace may require a variety of roles and responsibilities for your team. That's why our built-in roles allow for easy assignment within each Dialog Studio workspace.

Account administrator

Account admins are the owners of a Conversations by NLX (CxN) account and bear the highest permission level. Account administrators are able to:

  • Access all workspaces & create new ones

  • Invite & manage users to the account or workspace(s)

  • Create custom roles

  • Perform all permission operations for any workspace


Administrators can do everything only within the Dialog Studio workspaces they are assigned. However, they are not able to invite or manage users of a workspace (Account admin required). Administrators have access to:

  • Full permission operations within an assigned workspace


Developers are able to create and edit technical and non-technical resources, including deploying bots. Developers have access to:

  • Write/read operations within an assigned workspace

Content manager

Content managers have similar rights to a Developer but only on the types of workspace resources that don't involve webhooks, APIs, or other integrations. Content managers have access to:

  • Write/read operations on non-technical resources within an assigned workspace


Analysts have access to analytics dashboards in a workspace to evaluate bot performance without disturbing resources in production. Analysts have access to:

  • Write operations on analytics dashboards within the assigned workspace

  • Read operations on all other resources within the assigned workspace


Read-only roles have visibility into all resources of a workspace to observe or monitor content. Read-only roles have access to:

  • Read operations on all resources within the assigned workspace

Custom roles

Creating a custom role allows you to specify what access entails for a user in a Dialog Studio workspace. You may define the permission operations allowed for each resource and provide conditional statements for more precise control.

Account administrators are able to create and assign custom roles in a CxN account:

  • From your CxN dashboard, select Users from the navigation menu

  • Click Roles tab > Choose Add Role

  • Enter name of custom role > Click Create role

  • Expand each resource section to specify write/read/delete operations

  • Provide desired conditional statements by selecting + Add condition (may be applied as a general statement to each resource or with more granularity by expanding each write/read/delete section of a resource)

  • Click Save

Once saved, you may select your custom role when adding/modifying a user. Edit your role any time by navigating to the Roles tab of your CxN account and choosing it from the Roles list.

By default, write/read/delete operations are disabled for each resource in your custom role. Otherwise, be sure to expand each section to specify permitted operations.

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