Slots: Settings

Discover custom settings for your slot in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's the Settings tab?

Settings allows you to add or modify basic slot details and permanently delete your slot.


To access this feature, click the Settings tab of your slot:

Manage your slot's settings

Settings includes a few sections for your custom slot:

The Settings section allows you to add or edit optional descriptors of your slot and enable a few behaviors:

  • Sensitive: Prevents the slot's values from being stored in conversation logs

  • Transient: Does not retain slot value through duration of conversation. For example, Yes/No slot values may be reused in a conversation, so enabling this setting prevents retention of the value and potential auto-traversal through a flow

  • Static: Restricts the NLP to only match user responses against the values defined for the slot. If you do not know all possible values, you may disable this setting, allowing the NLP to expand its matching algorithms beyond the values provided

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