Introduction to Slots

Provide choices and direct conversations more efficiently using slots in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's a Slot?

Slots are comprised of keywords (generally nouns or adjectives) that provide context to a user's preferences or situation and refines the direction taken during the conversation flow. These keywords are usually fixed values:

  • Sizes

  • Dates

  • Cities

  • Yes/No

Imagine a bot that helps users book a massage appointment at a spa resort. A user will want to specify the massage type, which could include Hot stone, Swedish, or Aromatherapy. The simplest way to capture this information is to create a Slot with those three values that can be referenced in a booking intent.

To use a slot with an intent, it must first be attached to the intent, as slot values are used by your NLP to help understand a user's selection from choices made available and route users accordingly.

Need more context? See Intents: Attached slots


A custom slot must always employ the following to function:

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