Amazon Pinpoint

Quickly set up the Amazon Pinpoint communication integration into your NLX Dialog Studio workspace

Integrate Amazon Pinpoint

This integration uses the Amazon Lex NLP engine, so please ensure you have set up an Amazon Lex integration in your Dialog Studio workspace before deploying any Amazon Pinpoint bots.

Dialog Studio works with Amazon Pinpoint to deploy AI assistants for powerful personalized marketing. Before deploying a bot using the Amazon Pinpoint channel in your workspace, a one-time integration in Dialog Studio is required:

  • Navigate to workspace Settings > Select the Integrations tab

  • Choose + Add integration link > Select Amazon Pinpoint from the Type dropdown

  • Click the link to deploy the CloudFormation template

You will be directed to AWS and asked to sign into your account.

  • The Quick create stack page appears with Template, Stack Name, and Parameters information

  • In the Capabilities section at the bottom, select the acknowledgment checkbox > click Create stack

  • Once the stack is created and deployed, select the Outputs tab and under the Key section find the relevant ARNs/additional fields

  • Copy and paste those values into the appropriate fields within the Amazon Pinpoint integration fields of your Dialog Studio workspace:

    • Project ID: The unique identifier for your Pinpoint application

    • Pinpoint Role ARN

    • SNS Role ARN

    • SNS Topic ARN

At any time, you may edit or delete your Amazon Pinpoint integration by expanding the integration name and selecting the edit or delete icons.

Deploying bots through Amazon Pinpoint

To successfully use your Amazon Pinpoint integration with bots created in your workspace, be sure to complete the following:

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