Quickly set up the Bandwidth communication integration into your NLX Dialog Studio workspace

Integrate Bandwidth

Dialog Studio works with Bandwidth to deploy multiregional AI-powered assistants to help enhance customer support. Before bots can be deployed using the Bandwidth channel in your workspace, you will need to perform a one-time integration in Dialog Studio:

  • Navigate to workspace Settings > select the Integrations tab

  • Choose + Add integration link > select Bandwidth from the Type dropdown

  • Enter a name for your integration (ex. DevBandwidth)

Using information made available through your Bandwidth dashboard, enter the following into Dialog Studio:

  • Account ID

  • User name

  • Password

  • When ready, click Create integration

At any time, you may edit or delete your Bandwidth integration by expanding the integration name and selecting the edit or delete icons.

Deploying bots through Bandwidth

To successfully use your Bandwidth integration with bots created in your workspace, be sure to complete the following:

You may locate your Bandwidth SMS callback URL when expanding the Deployed details popup of your bot's successful deployment.

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