Quickly set up the Genesys communication integration into your NLX Dialog Studio workspace

Integrate Genesys

Dialog Studio works with Genesys to deploy complex Interactive Voice Response (IVR) assistants (AI-powered, phone call bots) to simplify and personalize the user experience. Before bots can be deployed through the Genesys channel in your workspace, a one-time integration in Dialog Studio is required:

  • Navigate to workspace Settings > Select the Integrations tab

  • Choose + Add integration link > Select Genesys from the Type dropdown

  • Provide a name for your Genesys integration

  • Click the link to deploy the CloudFormation template

You will be directed to AWS and asked to sign into your account.

  • The Quick create stack page appears with Template, Stack Name, and Parameters information. In the Capabilities section at the bottom of that page, select the acknowledgment checkbox and click Create stack

  • Once the stack is created and deployed, select the Outputs tab and under the Key section you’ll find the GenesysLexRoleArn field. Copy the output of GenesysLexRoleArn field

The following steps will inform you of what you need to do within your Genesys PureCloud instance:

  • In your Genesys PureCloud instance, navigate to the Admin menu

  • Under the Admin menu, click Integrations > Click Add Integration

  • Locate the Amazon Lex V2 integration > In the Amazon V2 Lex tile, click Install

  • Go back to the Integrations tab > Click More next to the Amazon Lex V2 Integration > Select Edit Integration

  • Click the Configuration tab > Click the Credentials tab

  • Click the Configure button

  • In the Role ARN box, paste the ARN you copied earlier into the Role ARN box

Optional: on the Advanced tab, define the AWS regions in which to look for Amazon Lex V2 bots. By default, this setting is {}, and Genesys Cloud searches only for the current region. However, you can specify the following: {"regions": [ "us-east-1", "us-west-2"]} With this configuration, Genesys Cloud searches the us-east-1 and us-east-2 regions

  • Click OK > Click Save

  • Select the Details tab

  • To activate the integration, click Inactive. The Change Status dialog box will appear and ask you to confirm that you want to activate Amazon Lex. Click Yes and the status will change to Active

Navigate back to your Dialog Studio workspace.

  • When ready, click Create integration

If desired, at any time you can edit or delete your Genesys integration by expanding the integration name and selecting the edit or delete icons.

For more detailed information, navigate to the official Genesys Lex Integration guide.

Video Walkthrough

Deploying bots through Genesys

To successfully use your Genesys integration with bots created in your workspace, be sure to complete the following:

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