Quickly set up the Twilio communication integration into your NLX Dialog Studio workspace

Integrate Twilio

Before bots can be deployed through the Twilio channel in your workspace, a one-time integration in Dialog Studio is required:

  • Navigate to workspace Settings > select the Integrations tab

  • Choose + Add integration link > select Twilio from the Type dropdown

  • Click the Twilio console link provided

This takes you to your Twilio console where you can find your Account SID and your Auth Token

  • Copy these credentials and paste them into the Account SID and Auth Token fields in Dialog Studio

  • When done, click Create integration

If desired, at any time you can edit or delete your Twilio integration by expanding the integration name and selecting the edit or delete icons.

Moving forward, each time you create Twilio channels for your bot, Dialog Studio will automatically create a Twilio phone number and assign it to your bot.

Deploying bots through Twilio

To successfully use your Twilio integration with bots created in your workspace, be sure to complete the following:

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