Settings: Analytics tags

Define custom analytics tags in your workspace to track performance of conversations in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's the Analytics tags tab?

Tagging conversation flows is critical for Dialog Studio to track performance of your bot's intents or even information that's valuable to your business. Within Dialog Studio, you have the ability to strategically place tags at points within a flow that can indicate various conditions depending on where users end up. Analytics tags lists all system tags and allows you to add custom ones for use in the workspace.

When conversing with a bot through a conversation, the user may or may not continue to full completion. Where a user disembarks along the flow can indicate whether they felt the conversation was helpful or unhelpful in solving their need.

To view metrics on traversals through tagged nodes, check an intent flow through Analyze mode or set up an Analytics dashboard panel that provides traversal rates on your tags.


Select Settings from the side navigation of your workspace and choose the Analytics tags tab:

System tags

Dialog Studio offers three types of sentiment - Positive, Negative, and Neutral. Default tags representing these sentiments feed into the Analytics page for you to use:

  • Automated: Neutral sentiment (black label)

  • Helpful: Positive sentiment (green label)

  • Unhelpful: Negative sentiment (red label)

While these words may mean something specific, they can theoretically be used to tag any node within an intent flow that you find a need for. Place them at your discretion.

Add a custom tag

Begin by selecting the +Add tag link to bring up a new tag and fill out the following:

  • Label: enter a name for your tag, which will appear as a choice for tagging nodes within any intent flow for the workspace. Names must be alphanumeric only, with the option to add an underscore

  • Type: choose the type of sentiment that will be associated with the tag and can be viewed through Analytics

  • Description: include a brief description of what your tag intends to track. The description is only visible through this page

Delete a tag from your workspace by expanding its details and selecting the Delete tag link.

Once created, your analytics tags can be added to conversation nodes within the Canvas. Any number of tags may be added to the same node, but it is recommended that you use only one tag per node to avoid double counting.

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