Settings: Escalation channels

Learn how to set up escalation transfers in NLX's Dialog Studio

What's the Escalation channels tab?

Escalation channels set up for your workspace allow you to transfer a conversation session with a bot to a live agent. In most cases, your bot may not be designed to automate every business action or unique circumstances may require human assistance.

The Escalation channels tab in your workspace settings is where you'll create the escalation integration, which can then be attached to the bot through its communication channel setup. Escalations are then triggered in any intent flow through the use of an Escalate node.

Escalation channels are currently only available for Amazon Connect and Amazon Chime SDK.


Select Settings from the side navigation of your workspace and choose the Escalation channels tab:

Create escalation channel

Begin by selecting + Create escalation channel from the Escalation channels tab.

  • Enter a channel name

  • Select the channel type

  • Customer conversation timeout: enable to disconnect an idle customer, if desired

  • Amazon Connect channel: enter Instance ID, Contact Flow ID, IAM Role ARN, and Topic ARN (follow template instructions on page)

  • Click Create escalation channel

  • Translation language: enables the automatic translation of messages to or from an agent to that language

  • Fallback user name: to be displayed to the agent in situations where the chat escalation occurs anonymously

  • Region: choice for which AWS region your Amazon Connect channel is deployed

Edit or delete your escalation channel by expanding it and selecting the edit or delete links.

Once your channel is saved in your workspace, it will be available for selection under the Escalation section when setting up one or more channels for your bot.

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