Generating Automated tests

Ensure quality & accuracy of training phrases quickly. Asses training phrases using the rapid Generate feature within NLX's Dialog Studio.

Automated Tests provide quality assurance checks on training phrases across one or several intents tied to your bot. When putting automated tests to use, employ the Generate feature to save considerable time.

Navigate to the Automated Test tab of your bot > select Create Test > locate the Generate option:

Once selected, choose the Intent you wish to analyze from the dropdown. If your intent's training phrases include Slots, the Generate combinations toggle ensures all variations of those slot values are simulated in the test.

Upon reviewing the generated results, you may elect to modify any phrase messaging, remove a phrase, or add additional tests using another intent(s).

Once satisfied and ready to run your test, select the Test Executions tab > Execute test

Regularly running automated tests helps prevent performance issues and user frustration.

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