How to: Rename/duplicate

Learn to rename or duplicate an existing resource in NLX's Dialog Studio

What are resources?

Resources are the individual components that work in harmony to create the AI conversations you'll construct in Dialog Studio:

  • Bots

  • Intents

  • Slots

  • Data requests

  • Actions

  • Lifecycle hooks

The pantheon of Dialog Studio resources often get their own place in your workspace menu.

Rename a resource

Because some resources are used in the building and training of the NLP (Natural Language Processing), name editing may be restricted as it can break builds in production. Duplicating a resource, naming the duplicate, and deleting the old version is an alternative option in those instances.

Bots, Actions, and Lifecycle hooks do not disturb production workflows with your NLP and are therefore the only conversation resources that may be renamed:

  • Access the bot, action, or lifecycle hook you'd like to rename by choosing the applicable resource from your workspace menu

  • Select the name to activate the text field and make changes

  • Click Save

Names of bots, actions, and lifecycle hooks also allow for spaces and special characters.

Duplicate a resource

For resources that cannot be renamed, you may follow the process of duplicating to create a new one with the desired name and delete the old version.

  • Select resource type from your workspace menu > choose resource

  • Locate Duplicate option in upper right

  • Enter new resource name

  • Click Create clone

You may also duplicate an intent flow for managing a different channel in the same intent. See Setting up a flow.

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