How to: Test


What are resources?

Resources are the individual components that work in harmony to create the AI conversations you'll construct in Dialog Studio:

  • Bots

  • Intents

  • Slots

  • Data requests

  • Actions

  • Lifecycle hooks

The pantheon of Dialog Studio resources often get their own place in your workspace menu.

Your selected NLP goes to work whenever testing a conversation flow. Therefore, create a build before using the Test feature with Bots or Intents.

Test a bot

Run through an entire conversation with your bot using the bot's Test option:

  • Attach all intents for testing to your bot

  • Configure default behaviors, if needed

  • Select Test to open chat widget and converse with your bot

Test an intent flow

To run through a specific intent's conversation, ensure you create a build through a bot first:

  • Attach intent to a bot

  • Go to bot's Deployment tab

  • Review & build > Click Create a build

  • Navigate back to intent > select flow

  • Click Test option on the canvas builder

Test a data request, action, or lifecycle hook

  • Choose resource > Select Test option in upper right of resource's page

  • Click Run test at bottom of panel

Toggle on Dynamic setting under applicable Headers to test Dynamic headers in your test widget.

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